About Kenzie


Kenzie started her massage practice in 2016. Kenzie is passionate about helping people to feel their best and to show people how their body, mind and soul are designed to feel through massage therapy. Kenzie strongly believes that massage therapy is one of the best forms of self-care and self-love there is and focuses her practice on targeting the mind, body and soul as a whole through her work. Outside of massaging, Kenzie has a love for Kinesiology, which is the study of the mechanics of body movements. Kenzie is also a momma. Her 3 year old daughter Evers is her biggest motivation in life. In her spare time Kenzie enjoys reading, cooking meal prep, working out, going on adventures, sunset chasing, star gazing, just being in nature to disconnect from the hustle and recharge from her busy lifestyle! Balance is key! Whether it be to decrease stress, manage anxiety, depression and chronic pain, recover from sports, intense workouts or injuries, to increase mobility and flexibility and/or to help you bring balance to your mental and physical health, Kenzie is excited to help you with your massage therapy needs and can’t wait to meet you!

 Kenzie specializes in Swedish Relaxation, Therapeutic Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Hot stone, Prenatal Massage, Massage with cupping and various Hydrotherapy treatments.